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Satruday #1

First Day of Spring Break

  • Cleared brush around blackberry canes
  • Watched several guitar lesson on youtube and worked on playing two new chords              (my fingers don’t work right, yet)
  • washed some clothes and towels
  • grocery trip
  • cooked steak for supper
  • moved a few things away from back bedroom door

Began Section 6

Wikifying the setup for the Ordeal.

St. Patrick’s Day

Quite a day (Tuesday)

  • Reorganized an old test
  • entered most remaining grades
  • lectured for 90 min
  • gave test
  • graded free response
  • entered grades
  • made up an assignment
  • lunch break
  • lectured for 90 min


  • Completed Book Section 5 on wiki



  • Tuned my guitar
  • Learned to play E minor
  • Worked on C and D
  • Finished re-reading Neil Gaiman’s ‘A Study in Emerald’ and re-read his ‘October in the Chair’
  • Made fish and chips using a rice flour/club soda batter and coconut oil
  • Feeling too stuffed
  • Did the Wiki entries for Section 4


  • Crazy 25 min partner workout of 50 2H kettlebell swings, 100 burpees, 200 sit-ups completed while alternating one partner exercising while the other runs 220yds.


Non-stop chores, but I did add another story link and a link to my EPL team this weekend.

~ Mike


I spent some time reestablishing a wiki for my story – which I should probably start writing on again.

Broadcast a couple of basketball games on the radio last night. Saw a former student this morning.

~ Mike


More Links

Adding links to the sidebar.

Monday: “professional development” & workout

Tuesday: photocopying, new phones, basketball broadcast


Started adding my published stories to the sidebar. These are all too long ago. Need to write some new ones and get them out there.

~ Mike

Writing Excuses

During the past six months I have listened to the entire run of Writing Excuses, the writing podcast by Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler,  and Mary Robinette Kowal. A ton of useful info – I’ll probably go back through and collect the best stuff – Writing Excuses.

~ Mike

About Page Created

It is temporarily a “10 things you may not know I’ve done” list.: About