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Michael Ray
(adapted from a Facebook meme)

The ten things thing:

1) I lived in Byrd Hall at The University of Alabama for thirteen years, eleven of them with my awesome wife. We were live-in directors of the Mallet Assembly Men’s Honors Program for seven years, after having lived there for six years as undergrad & grad students. They tore the building down a couple of years ago.

2) I was on a University Intramural Scholar’s Bowl team with three people who all went on to get PhD’s. Not surprisingly, we won.

3) I studied Russian eight hours a day for a year while I was in Army Intelligence. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I got out not long afterward because of bad knees, just as the Soviet Union was falling.

4) I was a volunteer assistant coach on a state championship high school football team. I was one of four coaches who sent in plays from the sideline by hand signals, all at the same time. We looked pretty silly.

5) While getting my Master’s degree is in Human Performance Studies, I experimented on myself for classes. I exercised, then drew and tested my own blood for lactic acid. I also walked on a treadmill in a heated room while wearing a Tyvek suit and carrying weights – with a wire thermometer inserted in an uncomfortable place to see when my core temperature got too high.

6) Although I had only been an intramural goalie, I was a soccer coach for two years and actually won an area championship. I had very good players, I just made them run and cooperate. We lost in overtime in the state playoffs. Everyone cried.

7) I have been broadcasting high school sports as a play-by-play announcer for more than a dozen years. We just try to talk positively about the kids, have a good time, and not get fired from our day job.

8. A friend and I created, edited, and published a professionally-recognized online magazine, Redstone Science Fiction, using a lot of free software & Google. It was a lot of fun, but a ton of work.

9) I became a Reverend from a website and have legally officiated several friends’ and same-sex weddings – “By the power invested in me by the state of Alabama, and the internet…”

10) Over the last few years, by eating Paleo and exercising 3-4 days a week, I have lost more than one hundred pounds and a foot off my waistline. Of course, I had the advantage of having a lot to lose, and still do.